The way we teach has changed. We are now well and truly teaching in the digital era. When Covid gripped the UK, we were forced to adapt our teaching methods. But what now? As we are all back to the classroom, are you planning to keep elements of your digital delivery? Is it making your job as a teacher easier? Or did you prefer how it was before Covid?

Let’s look at the advantages of teaching in the digital era –

Online learning

During lockdown, over 1.4 billion children worldwide were kept away from the classroom! As a result, the shift to online or virtual learning was a rapid one. But has this adoption of online learning continued for you post-pandemic? There are many advantages to continuing to use online learning as part of your teaching methods. Particularly as children continue to have to isolate at times. Online lesson delivery has enabled us all to keep teaching, regardless of pupils being in the classroom or not.

online lesson

And there’s many ways in which this new way of learning can help with additional learning for pupils. We’ve spoke to teachers who are delivering catch-up sessions outside of normal school hours. Some after school clubs can even be held virtually.

We’d love to hear your opinion on whether online learning has helped to enhance your teaching.

Online Parents’ Evenings are now part of teaching in the digital era

Moving to online Parents’ Evening was essential during lockdown. But are they here to stay? The benefit isn’t just for us as teachers either. Parents are finding online parents’ evenings much easier to fit into their busy schedule. No more waiting around for their turn to talk to you. Parents are given a session time, meaning things are more likely to run on time.

Despite these meetings being virtual, you can still have detailed conversations with parents, just like you do when face to face. But what’s your view? Are you able to offer the same quality conversations? Do you prefer being able to run your parents’ evening from home? Has it given you more flexibility and a better work-life balance?

Again, we’d love to hear your views. Follow us on Facebook and join the conversation.

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