Staff shortages are hitting all industries right now. But when it comes to teacher shortages, it can be a little more difficult to navigate.

The current state of staff shortages in schools

According to a recent article in Schools Week one third of schools have more than one in ten staff off already! And with Omicron continuing to rise, this is only going to get worse. Despite the government stepping in to try and encourage retired teachers back to the classroom, we are seeing staff shortages across the UK.

Schools are being advised to take a flexible approach to lessons. Therefore, combining classes is something that many schools are having to do. But this isn’t a long-term solution. The education of our children has been impacted greatly over the last 2 years. We all need to do what we can to get everything back on track to protect their education and future prospects.

Some areas are faring better than others. However, some schools are having to ask certain age groups to stay at home. So, what can be done to help alleviate the pain of staff shortages in education.


Using supply staff to cover staff shortages

This may seem like the perfect solution. However, a recent NAHT survey reported that even though most schools are using agency staff, 37% said that they were unable to find the staff they needed.

So, what are agencies doing to try and increase the amount of supply teachers available. Many are offering incentives to join, or to recommend a friend. And the DBS is prepared for any spikes with 80% of checks being completed within 14 days. The administration is in place. Now all we need are the teachers.

How Evolve Teachers can help

You don’t need to look far to see what recruitment in many other sectors is moving to a more digital experience. However, education recruitment does seem to be falling behind. And, in times like this, we need technology to help. That’s where Evolve Teachers comes in. Our revolutionary app makes applying for teaching work on the move possible. Making the registration and application process as simple as possible does attract more people.

And for schools, the Evolve Teachers app enables you to hire teachers directly with our online database. Not only can this save you a lot of time when it comes to finding supply teachers, it can also save your school money.

Take a look at our online savings calculator to see how much you can save.