A job in education is a very rewarding career. So if you’re thinking of making that first step, you’re about to make a great decision.

There are lots of ways to get into teaching. Whether that’s via an internship, as a teaching assistant or initial teaching training. Whichever route you choose, securing your first job in education can be daunting. So, we asked our team to draw on their past experience as teachers to share their advice.

Hone your CV

Whichever route to take into your first job in education, you’ll need to refresh your CV. But don’t worry about having not worked in education previously. It is possible to start your job in education without any previous experience. Schools are always looking for teaching assistants to help in the classroom. And this can be a great way to start your career. Find out more about what a teaching assistant does in our blog – How to Become a Teaching Assistant

Maybe you’ve recently completed your NQT induction year as a supply teacher and are now looking to secure your first permanent role. Or maybe you want to go straight into a permanent job after your training to complete your NQT?

What ever the journey up to this point, spending time of your CV will help you on the road to your first job.

You may want to take some time to read our blogs CV Writing Tips for Teachers and 5 Tips for Writing a Personal Statement that Stands Out to find out more.


Practice your interview skills to secure your first job in education

Love them or hate them, interviews are a necessary step in securing a role. Why not get a friend to help you practice? The more you feel at ease in an interview, the more likely that you’ll perform well. Feeling prepared will help your personality come across, and this is vital to success. Be sure to express your passion for teaching and your reasons for wanting to enter the career.

How we can help

Evolve Teachers is an online education jobs platform that saves you hours of time when applying for roles. If you’ve already started applying, you know that the application process is a lengthy one. Completing applications for individual schools takes a lots of time but we’ve made the process a lot easier!

Here’s how it works.

  • Download the Evolve Teachers app from the app store or google play.
  • Create your online profile. Once completed this profile can be used to apply for multiple jobs!
  • Search and apply for permanent and supply teaching roles directly from your mobile. We also have a desktop platform if you prefer.
  • By choosing to make your profile visible to schools, it opens up the possibility of being headhunted for roles.
  • Receive job alerts to your mobile and manage your availability online

If you’d like to find out more about Evolve Teachers and how we are helping to revolutionise education recruitment, visit our website.