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Evolve Teachers is a recruitment platform and mobile app that connects schools and teachers directly. This provides a streamlined solution for schools to advertise roles on our platform, to select teachers for permanent roles via our database and to reduce the cost of supply by directly booking staff.

Four reasons to work with us


All permanent and temporary vacancies online for a single fee. 


Find your next permanent, long term hire, or supply staff.


Vetted supply staff nearest to your school with a single click, no more early calls.


Our one stop shop recruitment package is designed to save you money so you can invest it back into your school.

Smart technology

We believe it is time to revolutionise recruitment using smart technology to streamline your processes, to provide full transparency and save time and money.

Search and Book

Booking cover staff is currently inefficient, however our technology platform enables you to seamlessly search for staff online, at a time convenient to you and to book them with a single click. We only provide staff who are within easy reach of your school and available.


Save time

No more time sheets. Our booking system incorporates time sheet generation automatically. Don’t wait for staff to apply to your roles. Save time searching for permanent teaching staff with our smart search facility.


Safe and Vetted

A perfect solution to safeguarding with all vetting online and full transparency.


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Evolve Teachers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find some answers to common questions

Do I need to pay for advertising?

Yes we have a once yearly fee for unlimited adverts which includes matched candidates being sent to your school – smart matching for a greatly enhanced service.  There are additional fees only if candidates do not directly apply to your school and candidates are appointed via supply or via smart searches on our data base and our rate card makes clear the charges.

How much does this cost and what other help can I get as a school with recruitment?

We do advocate schools going for our Gold package which enables smart searches for permanent staff and supply staff being directly booked. We have excellent metrics to show you how your school can save time and money using these extra facilities with little extra cost.

How unique is this, what is your USP?

Our main USP is a fantastic user experience via mobile and one click apply. Together they will vastly increase the quality and quantity of applicants your school will receive over time compared to traditional national and local advertising.

How wide is your data base of candidates?

We have a national data base and you can search for matches to current roles. However, adding an advert often brings in suitable candidates so if you do not get a match on our data base, two things can help – firstly placing adverts and secondly our expert Consultants can aid the search using national data bases we have access to in addition to our own.

Do you charge placement fees?

We do but only for permanent roles for applicants not received via your adverts and these fees are still at amazing value for schools and well below market rate. Over one year we would expect schools to save thousands of pounds as shown by our savings calculators.

What happens if we pay our fee and make no placements over one year?

That is highly unlikely in our view, however we would roll the adverts forward to the next year until you do fill a role to de-risk this for your school.