How to write an advertisement for teachers isn’t as simple as listing what you need. It’s important that when it comes to attracting teachers, your advert attracts attention. You don’t only need the maximum number of people looking at your advert, you need the RIGHT people!

The right people are not just those that have the skills to do the job. The right people are those that know what’s expected of the job. They know what they are applying for and they are exactly the applicants you need.

So how do you write an advert for teachers that gets you the results you need?

Our education experts share their top tips to help you know how to write an advertisement for teachers that gets results.

Grab attention!

As a nation, our attention spans are getting shorter. With lives being led through social media posts and news from notifications on your phone, your advert needs to grab attention from the very beginning. Make the opening line of your advert as interesting as possible. This is your first and sometimes only chance to encourage your reader to read on.

Followed by a strong introduction

So you’ve got the attention of the teacher reading your advert. Now it’s time to share a summary of the job you are advertising. Think of this as giving the reader further confirmation that this is the job for them. An executive summary of the job itself. We advise keeping this introduction to under 50 words if possible. It’s your elevator pitch as to why someone would want to work in your school or Trust.

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The devil is in the detail

By following the first two steps, you can now go into detail about the job. List the main responsibilities but don’t simply copy and paste the job spec! You don’t need to list all the duties as this can be confirmed later. Be succinct. You need to keep your reader engaged.

The skills you need

Keep your list of skills only as long as they need to be. Again, it’s important not to list every single skill. This is the part of the advert that applications will take literally. You don’t want to scare great applicants away, but you also don’t want to inspire unqualified candidates to apply.

About your school

When a teacher is looking for work, they don’t simply apply for all the teaching jobs in their area, or specialism. What makes your advert stand out is what makes you unique – your school! Explain to potential applicants what is special about your school and what your ethos is. We recommend mentioning any big achievements here such as an improved Ofsted report. Our online platform allows you to create a full school profile which will be available to all applicants for each job you post.

Hard and soft benefits

In addition to talking about your school or Trust, it’s also important to explain how the job you are advertising plays a pivotal role. How does it help to contribute to the overall aims of the school. What exciting plans do you have for the future?

Maybe you offer training and development opportunities? This is particularly important when trying to attract NQT’s. Sharing these benefits will help increase the number of applications. And don’t forget things like flexible working, salary sacrifice schemes and anything else your new hire can expect to receive.

How to write an advertisement for teachers – what next?

We always recommend ending your advert with a ‘call to action’. Words like ‘apply now’, or ‘don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity’ are proven to work when it comes to an applicant hitting the apply button. Tell your applicants what to expect next. When is your closing date and what is the next step.

By using Evolve Teachers, there’s another reason for applicants to apply. Once they are registered on our platform / app, they don’t have to waste valuable time completing multiple application forms. Just a bespoke personal statement and they are ready to apply. Making the applicant process easier will help increase your applications.

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