We are Evolve Teachers; part of the Premier Teachers group and we believe it is time to revolutionise education recruitment. 

As a Head Teacher or Department Head you have a lot to juggle.  However, very often you look after recruitment too which needs serious focus to get right. What is the most effective way to recruit for your school with long term results for less pain? 

We’ve conducted some market research. We found many schools are experiencing some of the following problems when it comes to education recruitment :

  • Wasting money on national or local adverts with little to no response
  • Working with multiple suppliers which is time consuming and inefficient
  • Paying expensive agency rates for supply staff or permanent recruitment
  • Uncertainty about how to increase the number of applications you receive
  • Concerns about the interviewing with social distancing measures and how to and assess candidates remotely

Are you are concerned about having your full headcount in place for September (or whenever schools re-open)? Does your school has some of the above issues but you don’t know how to recruit in a more efficient way? We have some great hints and tips to get you through.

With the resignation deadline looming, do not leave things too late.  Now is the time to recruit and now is the time that teachers are looking for work. 

Why you should use technology to keep recruiting

The candidate market is shifting towards mobile applications and Schools that are embracing technology in their recruitment processes are experiencing the following benefits:

  • High quality applications in greater volumes
  • Reduction in hiring costs
  • Application processes are more streamlined and faster

Did you know that 50 % of candidates are now using their mobiles to search for education roles? Our research with teachers found a remarkable result – 100 % of candidates would like an application process which is mobile friendly, not requiring a PC or laptop log on.  Are your processes mobile friendly to candidates?

It is easier than you think to achieve the same results and for less spend.

Remote Interviewing

Remote Interviewing & Vetting

There are many ways to continue recruiting whilst social distancing measures are still in place.  These methods have been adopted by organisations world-wide with great success, so why not implement these into your recruiting plan.

TIP 1 – Interviews

There are lots of free resources/conferencing to take your interviews online.  Using Zoom, Skype or similar, you can still conduct an in-depth ‘face-to-face’ interview.  

TIP 2 – Setting Tasks

Why not ask your candidates to plan a lesson or, mark some work – both of which can be done remotely.  Data analysis tasks are great for assessing middle management and above and for more senior roles, you can set prioritisation tasks remotely too. Remember that tasks can still be presented remotely using video call technology.

TIP 3 – Vetting

Did you know that it is acceptable as new legislation during the Covid 19 crisis for candidates to scan their documents to send across to you?  If they are then shown to you virtually on a video call, this still meets new DFE vetting standards during this time.  You can also ask candidates to complete HR processes online, including their DBS check or if your struggle with this, we can facilitate this for you, so staff are vetted for September.

How else can technology help you solve your education recruitment problems?


There is a lot of focus on employer branding in the private sector and it’s yet to really be embraced by schools.  To make sure that you are attracting the best candidates, you need to showcase what makes you a great school to work for.  Candidates are in control and those schools with a strong employer brand will reap the rewards.  Here is some tips on how to get ahead of the competition – 

  • Showcase – promote your image by creating a showcase for your school.  Giving teachers an insight into what it’s really like to work with you makes sure that you are only receiving applications from those that are keen to work with you.  It’s also a proven retention technique.
  • Utilise video – this is a fantastic way to show potential teachers your facilities, location and many more.  Using drone filming to show your school both inside and out is a fun way to achieve a great message
  • Use social media – did you know that lots of candidates use social media to research a school before applying?  Why not make this a window on your school.  You’ll be amazed at the results. 
Recruiting teachers

Headhunting and talent pools

What if, utilising an online database, you could approach teachers directly to let them know about your teaching role?  Getting your message in front of candidates using a digital headhunting strategy will help make sure that you get the best teacher possible.  Do not just rely on applications – search for the best, not relying on just the best candidates to apply! We think this is particularly useful for senior or hard to fill roles. 

Why you should never stop recruiting

How would you feel if right now you had a list of candidates that had already expressed interest in working at your school?  Candidates that had completed the GDPR process and were already pre-screened?

By utilising technology to promote your school to potential employees means that your recruitment costs will be further reduced, you will save time and you can stop worrying about how to staff the next school year.

Who we are and how we can help:

Evolve Teachers is a recruitment platform and mobile app that connects schools and teachers directly. This provides a streamlined solution for schools to advertise roles on our platform, to select teachers for permanent roles via our database and to reduce the cost of supply by directly booking staff.

Using smart technology, we can help streamline your processes, provide full transparency and save you time and money.

Get in touch with us today and make education recruitment easy. Call us on 0191 556 1033 or visit www.evolveteachers.co.uk