Education recruitment is broken. It has been for a long time. And if your school isn’t adapting to new ways of attracting candidates, then you will miss out.

If this is you – STOP! There is a better way for education recruitment!

You want to be able to find the best candidates, but if you’re not receiving the level of applications you need, how does that work? Do you choose the best from a bad bunch? Or, do you look at other ways of attracting the best teachers?

Here’s what one teacher we spoke to had to say –

“For me, the most frustrating thing about applying for permanent jobs would perhaps be trying to do the whole application whilst working full-time.

I am usually very busy throughout the day, even if I’m not teaching, so I must juggle my application with my to-do list. It can feel overwhelming.

I believe some application letters/forms can be too long and take a lot longer to complete than necessary.”

The education recruitment process has to change and now. Before it becomes too late. How big of a problem does it need to become before you choose to do something about it?


The Education Recruitment Process – What’s Broken?

Imagine that you are a teacher looking for work. You see several jobs advertised that you are interested in. But now you must spend up to 4 hours per application! Who really had time for that? The implications can be that instead of applying for 4 or 5 roles, you only apply for 2. In fact, just applying for 2 teaching jobs has taken up most of your weekend. So what if you are the school that was 3rd or 4th on the list? You may never get to know about this fantastic candidate.

Here’s another quote, this time from an NQT we spoke to recently –

“Having to rewrite my answers again and again for different jobs takes so much time it stops me from applying for as many jobs as I would.

The application forms are never the same and the questions are usually just different enough that I can’t copy and paste.”

If this feeling is reflected across the education recruitment sector, how can you possibly provide the best experience for every learner?

How we are committed to enable you to have the very best teachers in the classroom

As part of our mission to be the go to place to find the best teachers, we have listened to feedback from teachers and created what we think is the perfect solution.

Before we get into the nitty gritty of how working with Evolve Teachers will change your education recruitment process for the better, let’s go back to basics. People are on the move and we all spend too much time attached to our phones. Everything is available at your fingertips now and there seems to be an app for just about everything.

Other sectors have embraced this change and you can even apply for jobs from your mobile phone. But not when it comes to education recruitment. Imagine how many more applications you could receive if people were able to apply on the move! NQTs in particular are very keen to have an education recruitment app which goes some way to prove that this is the way that the sector will have to go. Call it the millennial effect, call it evolution, either way, it’s the future.

But we’ve managed to take it one step further than just an app. We’ve streamlined the whole education recruitment process. We feel that it’s the very least a newly qualified or experienced teacher deserves post pandemic – a simple application process.

Find out more about how we are helping to connect teachers and schools directly.


Beyond the here and now

But it’s not just about the here and now! We want to be able to help you make your whole recruitment process easier and build a talent pool for the future. We like to think of it as future proofing.

You should always be recruiting. Whether you have vacancies now or not. And forming relationships and networks with your future talent will pay dividends. By giving you the tools to do this, for a sensible price, it enables your school to spend more on your pupils rather than on your recruitment.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. We have lots of other exciting plans to allow the process to become more personal for all parties. Helping to increase your acceptance rate for new hires and genuinely give you access to the best talent available.

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