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Many schools use multiple teacher recruitment agencies and advertising platforms for their education recruitment. Not only is this time consuming for the school itself, but often the results are poor and additional time and resources are wasted through interviews with the wrong candidates.

Evolve Teachers’ education recruitment platform enables schools to save time and money on their education recruitment. Schools that use the platform no longer need to pay for adverts with no return on investment and you can easily book supply teachers through our mobile-friendly platform.

The Evolve Teachers app has been built to meet the demands of the rapidly changing education recruitment market. Following our market research, 100% of the educators we spoke to told us they want to use our solution in place of existing methods, which they described as disjointed and outdated. Our smart software ensures schools only receive high-quality applicants who are focused on developing and enhancing their teaching careers.

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For candidates, beginning or developing your teaching career should be an exciting journey. The biggest challenge should be finding the right role, not the process of application. We know through our market research that the biggest frustration teachers have during the recruitment process is the repetition involved in completing application forms. That is why Evolve Teachers was developed.

We wanted to provide candidates with a better way to apply for roles via a one-click apply service. Our revolutionary, award-winning application process auto-fills applications to make applying for your next teaching role quick and easy.

Using the Evolve Teachers mobile-friendly platform is simple. Firstly you need to download our state-of-the-art education recruitment app and complete your online profile. Alternatively, our education recruitment platform is also available via your desktop. Once your profile is complete, you can truly begin enhancing your teaching career. Apply for teaching roles without having to fill out multiple application forms. Make your profile available to be searched by schools and start getting interviews. 

Whether you are looking for permanent teaching jobs or supply roles, our platform is designed to give you the freedom to apply for jobs from your mobile or desktop.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find some answers to common questions

How do I complete my online registration?

Please complete your online registration form as fully as you can. This will enable schools to see the full picture of your suitability for a role by being able to see your qualifications and experience.

Do I have to complete the whole form in one attempt?

No, you can complete as much as you wish to and then save and return to the registration form later.

Do you have to be a teacher to register?

We are looking for registrations from all staff who work in schools and colleges including; teaching assistants, teachers, middle managers, senior staff, office staff and bursars.

What are the types of work I can sign up for?

You can register for permanent or supply work or both. If you register for one type and wish to change that preference you can.

Can I secure a permanent role through the App?

Absolutely, we will have permanent roles advertised by schools and schools can find you should you select that option.

What areas do you cover geographically?

We aim to cover all regions of the UK from rural areas to cities from the far North to the far South and both East and West.